Covid19 and what it has shown (28/03/2020)

While this awful pandemic has shown that many of us can band together (figuratively speaking) in order to help stop this awful virus, it has shown that for many they don’t care about others, many do not seem to care or they are just being willfully ignorant.

I have seen shops that do not have any distance measures in place, groups of people going to the park or the beach. I have heard of people ordering clothes etc online. Seriously you do not need those new shoes!!

In regards to those that have been bulk buying, you disgust me. Many cannot afford to do this and you buying up months worth of food that you will likely throw out could result in someone not being able to feed their child. Seriously where the hell are you keeping it all anyway and what the hell are you planning to do with a months supply of fresh fruit and veg? And more to the point is your arse that big that you need 100 rolls of toilet paper.

As for my fellow sex workers, while many like myself have stopped offering meetings there are many who are still offering meetings at the risk of everyone’s health. I counted 46 workers on adultwork inthat were available for meetings today and that was just the ones within Scotland and that had there green availability light on, there may be more.

Seriously no sex worker should be offering meetings. “Oh, but we have bills to pay.”, “We have families to feed”. We all have bills to pay and many have families to feed, but there are other ways to do so, offer webcam, phone chat, start a private gallery, or if you have one spend the time making new content. What if that last client was a carrier, was the money they paid worth your family having to see you in the hospital or worse having to plan your funeral? A funeral that hardly anyone will be at due the restrictions in place. Is the money worth you potentially passing the virus onto your family? Could you live with yourself if you were responsible for the possible death of your partner or child? Maybe you won’t pass it onto family, perhaps you will just pass it onto someone when you inevitably go to the shop for necessary supplies, who will then pass it to others. But hey as long as it doesn’t affect you its ok isn’t it. Let me tell you this, no it is NOT ok.

As for those clients who are visiting these workers, seriously do you need you bloody balls emptied that badly your willing to risk your life and the lives of everyone you come into contact with? Do you need to have sex that badly? No, no you don’t. Seriously of you think that getting your dick wet is more important than peoples lives then the world would probably be better off without your idiocy.

So let me illiterate: No meetings should be taken place between sex workers and clients except via webcam or phone. 


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